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This blog post is dedicated to introducing you, our kind and dedicated readers of Bring Birth Home and the many members of the BBH Facebook community, to our new Facebook page moderators.

These lovely ladies will be reposting questions, archived blog posts at the BBH blog, and helping you find the many resources available on this website.

Hi, my name is Jennifer and I am SO happy to be joining the BBH team!

I’m a work at home mommy to three beautiful children – a 5 year old daughter, 2 year old daughter and a 5 month old son. All three of my kids were born well after their “Due Date” and I am more than proud to say I had natural water births with all three!

My first daughter was born in a birthing center and my other two children were born at home.

My first home birth changed my life! Though by the time I had my first home birth, I had already attended the birth center birth of my niece and the 2 home births of my nephews, but to actually DO IT myself?! AMAZING and EMPOWERING experience!!

I am a firm believer that birthing in the safety and comfort of your home is how birth was intended to be.

I have a passion for educating on home birth as well as natural parenting. I am a “full term” breastfeeding mommy. I nursed my first daughter for 3.5 years, my second daughter has been nursing for 28 months (she tandem nursed with my first daughter until my first self weaned and is currently tandem nursing with my son).

I also have a deep love for baby wearing/attachment parenting. I’m not too big on “labeling” parenting practices/methods. I just try to grow, birth and raise my kids as instinctually and as naturally as possible. I think by educating people on home birth we CAN bring birth back to how it was always intended to be….a private, non-medicalized, empowering, beautiful experience!

I am so honored to be a part of the BBH team and am looking forward to getting to know all of the wonderful mamas of BBH!

Hello BBH community! My name is Liz.

I have a fabulous and supportive husband, two very busy little boys and one crazy dog.

I have always been so interested in birth from conception to lactation and always viewed pregnancy as “natural”, but it wasn’t until I became pregnant with our first that I realized exactly how fabulous, beautiful and natural it was.

Rosser was born in a healthy hospital birth… it was not how we wanted it to be, but we are so thankful for every moment. His birth CHANGED MY LIFE and MIND in so many ways.

Since that day, my research into childbirth and my desire to advocate for other families has led me to become a DONA International Trained Doula.

I have expanded my appreciation for the woman’s beautiful and capable mind, body and spirit to the point of overflowing. When we became pregnant with our second we were desperate to never treat my pregnant body like an illness. We found a lovely (and the only) free standing birthing center in North Carolina where my husband and I birthed Mason as the Midwife observed; there only for an encouraging smile and nod. What a feeling…

I am (at this very moment) in Florida taking courses to become a Certified HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Educator. I am so excited to return home and apply this philosophy with my Doula training and even more excited to interact with families and encourage them to have the births that they know they can have.

I am overjoyed to not only be a fan of BBH, but to also be an active part of such a great movement. I am thankful beyond words for the opportunity to communicate with so many other families that are eager to support and learn from one another!

We will have more children, hopefully one within the next year, and we are so comforted with our choice to birth them at our home; it is the perfect choice for us.

My name is Sarah Cochran.

I live in Saskatoon, Canada with three beautiful little boys who are 5, 2 and 5 months, and my wonderful husband Heath.

Heath and I met in high school and got pregnant shortly after meeting. We decided to get married. Needless to say this all presented some difficult times in our lives.

One of the hardest things about my life at that time was the challenging (terrible!) birth of my beautiful little boy.

I had my membranes stripped on my due date which started the snow ball of interventions. My doctor started to talk of a c-section, but I was then able to push him out. He came out squished, purple and pulled away from me crying. I was 18 and believed this was all necessary.

My second wonderful bouncing little boy came into the world much easier, although still in a hospital. I had the big bad epideral and pushed him out too fast, wounding up with a very big tear. I had begged for help that my baby was coming but no one believed me because when they checked me, they deemed I was not yet ready. They took him away to weigh him put gunk in his eyes and all the “needed” things.  I wanted to keep him close. It still didnt feel like “my” birth.

Almost 2 years later baby boy number three came into the world. This time it was going to be different. I just didn’t know how.

Until one day, I was handed a pamphlet on midwifery. I discovered that our province had midwives, who could be used just like a doctor! I always thought I wouldn’t be able to afford a home birth but then  found out it was covered through our health care! So I took the next big step and watched The Business of Being Born. That was it! We knew what to do.

Shortly after that I found Bring Birth Home and thought I had really found a gold mine!

I was in love with Kaitlin, read birth stories over and over (cried again and again) through out my pregnancy. I saw the pictures of Kaitlin’s water birth and of other water births and decided I to wanted to have one. My mom and grandma thought that it would be to messy to have a home birth, my dad thought that the pool would fall through the living room floor! But we knew this was how it needed to be done. My 4 year old loved the idea of a water birth and was the best Doula EVER! Our family finally warmed up to the idea, so we did it!

We had the most wonderful home birth, my husband, midwives, best friend and 4 year old son, helped ME birth my baby.

No one delivered him. No one took the glory of bringing my baby into the world from me. I DID IT! His newborn care was amazing! He didn’t cry, he was not poked at or made to feel scared. He was brought into a world of calm, peace and love.

Days after my baby was born I told my husband, “one day I am going to be a part of this. I want to help as many women as I can have a beautiful birth. Births they deserve!”

So here I am today, fullfilling one of my dreams,  to be a part of BBH and maybe make a differance for some one out there. If I can help one women have her dream birth, then I will be a very happy lady. Thank you everyone and I can’t wait to see what will happen in the future. I aim to help women have an empowering birth, giving birth to Spencer also gave birth to a new stronger me! All women should be able to experiance that! ~ with love Sarah Dawn!

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