Birth Makes Me Cry

5 Comments 09 February 2012

I cry so often when reading or listening to a woman share her birth story.

It does not matter where or how the birth takes place. Giving birth is an emotional matter.

I’ve given birth two times, and have only become more emotional over birth.

My midwife said that she becomes more sensitive after each birth she attends. Life is so precious, and the power that women posses is so incredible.

It is a mixture of those two points about birth that gets me worked up to the point of tears; strong women bringing forth a new life is miraculous.

Giving birth is often thought of as one of the biggest achievements of a lifetime.

It was for me.

Birth gave me my beautiful children, and brought with them a deep sense of purpose (supporting and preparing women and families about birth at home).

After my first birth, I was in awe. In a la-la land sort of stupor. What just happened? (I was really tired)

When I think back on my births, particularly how I felt after my second, my eyes well up.

Because I have never felt so strong, triumphant, kick-ass, amazing, super-hero powerful in all my life.

I could do anything. Accomplish any feat.The second time around, my mind was clear and I felt triumphant. I literally felt like super woman and couldn’t stop saying, “I did it. I can’t believe I just did that all by myself.” (my midwife stayed out of my way and let me do my thing)

It’s that feeling that I try with all my might to hang on to. I tell myself, “remember how it felt. Remember it.” Even now, here come the tears!

How often is it that a woman can say these positive statements (and mean it)? “I feel triumphant,” “I am so strong!” “I believed in myself and I did it!”

Boy does it feel good to say it and mean it.

No one can EVER take my birth experiences from me.

Whether or not I remember every detail, which I surely do not, I know that I did it. I will live the rest of my life knowing that. And each time I give pause to reflect, I feel a twinge of strength and pride.

I owe that feeling to my births. Thank you body! Universe! Babies!

Birth is important.

Completely worthy crying over, whether they be tears of joy or sorrow.

And day after day, I can’t help but come back for more.


What is it about birth that makes you emotional? Share you thoughts below!


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  1. Denee says:

    You are so right!
    After my most recent birth-a beautiful home/water birth- I have grown so much as a person,have a wonderful connection with my child and will forever recall the respect and love I was surrounded by during my homebirth :)
    Birth is amazing,intriguing and just a down-right miraculous event!

  2. Angie L. says:

    Lucky for me (or am I?) I don’t normally cry for birth. I didn’t cry for either of my own, and of the 25 or so I’ve attended as doula, birth assistant or student midwife I only welled up for 2 and sobbed for one. The one I sobbed for was my friend who swore she’d never have kids, but got pregnant by surprise and delivered her beautiful baby girl in the birth center where I’m apprenticing. A few moments before the birth I connected the humanity, power and rawness with the fact that this is my friend, and as baby came I bawled.

    I suppose I should have more emotion with my own… but for some reason it doesn’t come until a few weeks later.

    I’m glad, in a sense, that I normally don’t cry. It would hinder my objectivity and thoroughness. I do my job and I love it.

  3. Aimee W. says:

    I didn’t cry when I gave birth to my two children. I was too full of adrenaline and excited to meet them. I never felt a sense of crying. I am so happy I had a natural birth in the comfort of my own home. You couldn’t have said it better than when you said ” How often can you say ‘I feel triumphant or I feel strong’” Too often women are seen as fragile and dependent. Giving birth naturally all by myself made me so proud of myself and gave me a new level of self confidence. I am much more likely to cry when I hear stories of women planning C-Sections simply because they are afraid to give birth and don’t want to do it or have been told that it is safer or whatever. Bringing life into the world is a magnificant gift that we women have been given.

  4. sky says:

    I’ve never given birth before but every time I watch a birth take place on TV it makes me tear up or full on cry. I was searching for an answer as to why I do, and figured it’s just a beautiful thing. To bring life into this world and that a woman is capable of such a miracle. You can sense the emotions of everyone in the room (Yes, even on TV) how everyone seems to be tearing up, how cute and precious the baby is, and so forth. I can imagine I’ll bawl if I ever have a baby.

  5. Sheila says:

    Oh yes. SO much. So much beauty and emotion and strength, I’ve cried so many times.

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