What It Means To Be A Birth Visionary

0 Comments 03 May 2012

Today, I watched this video of Karen Brody (see below), and instantly became enamored with how she described the term Birth Visionary.

First she described the birth worker. The birth worker is out there (doing their birth work), and they carry this BIG dream. That dream is the desire for everyone to embrace the notion that birth is normal.

Then she describes the change agent. The change agent is simply the person who makes the commitment to the dream.

Now marry those two together, and you get the birth visionary.

What an eloquent way of communicating what’s already in my heart.

You too?!

Watch the video and tell me what you think.

If you’re not familiar with Karen Brody, let me briefly tell you who she is. Karen is the creator of Birth, The BOLD Movement, and FEAR To FREEDOM Birth. She was a guest on Bring Birth Home T.V. not long ago.

Karen is re-opening her FEAR To FREEDOM Birth program, and kicking it off with a free “Boot Camp For Birth Visionaries” teleclass on Monday, May 7th at 12:00 EST.

You can find all the details, and registration information for the call here: Birth Visionary Boot Camp with Karen Brody.

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