Women, You’re Not Alone. Dads Suffer From Postpartum Depression Too.

0 Comments 18 May 2010

Recent studies show women are not alone in suffering from postpartum depression.

How could we think the immense emotional impact of having a child that affects us so deeply literally skip over new fathers? It doesn’t.

Men have feelings too.

News of this revelation hit home for me this past week.

While taking a long walk on a beautiful Spring day in Michigan, my fiance opened up and shared some of his thoughts.

I’ve got to admit, it caught me off guard.

It has been a rare occurrence in my life for a man to voice his feelings. Eric let down his big strong masculine walls and trusted me with his emotions. I didn’t take it lightly, either.

It’s a big deal when men share their feelings.

This post is a little reminder to all the gals out there who consider themselves emotional beings, (I like that label better than sensitive) to remember that our partners are too.

While they may show it in different ways, neither party is alone in misunderstanding each other. Therefore, it’s only fair that we both make the effort to meet in the middle.

As someone who longs for near constant emotional support, I’ve had a wake up call. I can give a pat on the back too.

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