Soul Sunday: Three Years in the Making

0 Comments 05 February 2012

Yesterday was my daughter’s third birthday.

We had a great day – took her out to her favorite breakfast restaurant, stopped by her cousin’s basketball game, cooked her favorite meal for dinner, (wild-caught salmon and rice) and let her go at it with a pint of vanilla ice-cream all by herself (see photo below).

Yesterday is what I call a little slice of Heaven.

My version of Heaven on Earth is being so in love with my family that no matter what I have or don’t have, as long as I have them, I am good.

That feeling has definitely carried over to today.

My Soul Sunday: Reflect and appreciate the past three years of my daughter’s life and my life since becoming a mother.

This morning, I have been quietly contemplating the following:

How has my life changed as a result? What moments stand out?

Mentally review the lessons, the struggles, triumphs and ultimately, the amount of growth that has taken place since becoming pregnant and giving birth (at how giving birth at home affected my life too – BBH turns two this month!).




We’ve had great weather this weekend. Yesterday was in the 40′s and not a cloud in the sky. Today looks similar. More adventures to be had this afternoon. Maybe a trip to my old horse barn? I can’t help but hope my love for horses rubs off a little… <smile>

Have a great Soul Sunday!

What stands out for you this morning? Share your Soul Sunday thoughts below!


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