Rainy Day Art Project: Framed Stained Glass

1 Comment 16 November 2011

Thanks to Play at Home Mom for this great idea!

First, we applied clear drying glue to one side of the glass usingĀ our fingers!

Then Ella put each of her beloved rocks onto the glass all by herself (which was important to her – “I do it.” – sure thing honey!).

We waited for about 2 hours for it to dry completely and hung it on a window using a suction cup.

A note of caution: securely fasten frame to suction cup or hang above reach to avoid your beautiful piece of window art from falling and breaking!


Here is Play at Home Mom’s version: Window Art

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1 comment

  1. Annie Wendt says:

    so cool! Can you say Grandparent gifts? This looks like it would be a very satisfying project at every step for preschoolers. Thanks for sharing.

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