The (re)Birth of Bring Birth Home

1 Comment 19 February 2010

Well, folks, it’s official. Bring Birth Home is now real.

Real like I put some cash into it. As in, this is more than just a hobby.

So what do you think? Turned out pretty cool, huh?

It’s been an exciting two weeks hanging out with the designer brainstorming the identity of Bring Birth Home. I sketched out a logo and thought up a few ideas, but she really worked her magic on this site. Thanks Jessie*.

A little history about how Bring Birth Home came to be…

Since planning my own home birth and having a beautiful experience, I have become extremely passionate about birthing at home. I have an overwhelming urge to convey to other women that home birth is a viable option for those seeking an alternative to the modern medical scene.

So I started the site a few months ago to shed positive, inspiring light on home birth through successful home birth stories.

What started out as sharing stories to empower and educate women about home birth has become so much more than I ever could have expected.

I’ve made wonderful connections and alliances with countless other home birth moms, doulas, midwives and childbirth educators alike. The home birth (and natural birth) community is a great one.

Over the months, a steady stream of amazing birth stories have trickled into my inbox.

And the page for the site that I created on Facebook has accumulated over 500 fans in three short months. I’ve been simply amazed.

Getting to know all these wonderful, really awesome women who support alternative birth and freedom of personal choice has only ignited the flame within me to spread the good word about birthing at home. I’ve expanded my ideas of what Bring Birth Home could be drastically (lets change the birthing world!). My fiance is even eager to get involved.

I’ve written a 9 step newsletter series about how to plan your own home birth from start to finish, including tips on nutrition, exercise, how to tell (or not tell) friends and family, hiring a midwife and doula and a concise list of supplies one is responsible for purchasing.

As a youngster, I could never nail down exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I wanted to be a slew of things – a horse rider and singer primarily. Before becoming pregnant, I was enjoying working as a bartender and waitress. The money was good but I had no bigger ambitions other than to become the manager.

Finding out I was pregnant changed my life. Having a home birth changed my life. And now that I am a mother, my life is completely different.

I have found my passion, and I’m ecstatic about it! I love being a (home birth, breastfeeding, baby-wearing, bed-sharing) stay at home mom!!

My biggest hope is that I may help women understand they have options for birth.

I know not everyone can have a home birth, which is why I advocate informed birth and birth choice above all else.

Do me a gigantic favor and go over to my Contact page and send me a quick note to let me know what you think of the site. How does it make you feel? Do you find it easy to navigate? I so appreciate your time and thoughts.

Thanks so much for reading,
Kaitlin Rose

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*Jessie = Hand Hugs Design

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  1. Thanks for the shout-outs Kaitlin- your stories are so inspiring I am sure the site will go far. -Jessie

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