Hi, my name is Kaitlin Rose.

I gave birth to both of my beautiful children at home.

Their births completely transformed and inspired me to become a natural childbirth, (specifically home birth) advocate.

I began collecting home birth stories to share on a website in the Fall of 2009 and created Bring Birth Home in the Spring of 2010.

When I thought about what it would be like to visit this site, and realized it needed more than beautiful birth stories alone. I decided to provide not only inspiration, but information to women who are thinking about planning a home birth – the logistics.

Since the birth of Bring Birth Home, I have met countless awesome home birthing women. I feel so grateful to host a beautiful and thriving community of families at Bring Birth Home on Facebook. May the countless women there, and this site, help you discover the home birth option!

Trust your intuition and believe in your body. As Ina May Gaskin said, “your body is NOT a lemon!”

You’ll get to know me more as I share more. So go check out my blog and read more.



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