Birth Art

Birth art can be meditative, relaxing, problem-solving and fun.

Creating birth art is a fantastic way to give life to the emotions you’re feeling about your pregnancy and upcoming birth.

The process of creating birth art requires one to part-take in the process of visualizing their birth. Thinking about and imagining your birth aligns your goals, may set fears at bay and help shed light on your true feelings about birth.

Creating birth art can also be a celebration of pregnancy.

Create a belly cast, write letters to your baby, paint or draw how you feel, mold sculptures, have your picture taken. Celebrate the wonder of pregnancy – you are growing a life!

Curious about creating some birth art yourself? You don’t have to be a brilliant painter or sculpture to create art – let go of any expectations and just do it.

Thank you deeply to the courageous women who have been willing to share their works of art on this site.

Holding Life by Amber

Cradling Life by Amber

Karen’s Birth Art

Precious Gift by Andrea

Birth Affirmations by Andrea

About the Artists


Amber Morrisey, active Birth Doula and Placenta Encapsulator, currently lives in Vancouver, B.C. with her husband, Robert, and dog, Rowan. You can learn more about her natural living life at Birth Routes.


Karen Angstadt is a Wise Woman and Birth Mentor, Karen has served women for over 10 years. As someone who has given birth in the hospital and at home, Karen understand what it means to start or expand a new family. Find her at Intentional Birth.

Andrea Trotter. After birthing her son in a hospital, induced, with no pain medication, Andrea Trotter was adamant about having a healing birth the second time. When pregnant with her daughter, she surrounded herself with knowledge, wise women, and intelligent care. This collection of drawings was inspired during this pregnancy. Each drawing created from one continuous line to signify the path of pregnancy, its twists and turns, and an end. Her second pregnancy ended with not only the beautiful home water birth of her daughter, but with amazing inspirations to empower women in not only birth, but their entire life path. Today she works as a photographer, and artist, and spends as much time with her kids as possible. Visit and take a tour of her store at