Birth & Postpartum Doulas

Doulas: A Laboring Woman’s Best Friend

Birth Doulas

The word doula in Greek, means “a woman who serves.” To the world of pregnancy, a doula is a labor support person; guiding and giving support emotionally and physically during the labor process.

Doulas can also be the communicator between the expectant mother and father to their health care providers in time of labor, taking that stress off parent’s shoulders.

Many women who hire a doula for their delivery are very impressed and pleased with their experience. Doulas have such a great track record, that there are in fact studies which prove birthing with a doula can be safer than birthing alone including reducing the length of labor as much as 25%.

Here are some other “better birth” statistics:

  • 30% less use of narcotics
  • 30% decrease use of forceps
  • 40% decrease use of pitocin
  • 50% decrease in cesarean birth
  • 60% decrease use of epidurals

Hiring a doula also takes expectation off the father or partner to be the support person or coach for the laboring mom. Each parent gets to experience the birth in their own, unique way.

Postpartum Doulas

Doulas not only provide birth support, but some are also available for postpartum care. This includes breastfeeding assistance, newborn knowledge, general advice about the body’s healing process after birth, cooking nutritious meals, light housekeeping, watching for signs of postpartum depression, and even a shoulder rub!

Simply put, doulas make birth better. Find a doula at DONA International today.