Birth at Home

A mother will remember her birth story for the rest of her life.

The story of her child’s birth is one ingrained in the mind, her stomach, back, feet and abdomen.

The body remembers the waves of contractions, surrendering into the steady breath of relaxation between and the sheer euphoria of delivery.

It is a sensation, the way the body recalls a peaceful labor. I’m reminded of hanging upside down on a swing and flinging myself to sit up again – that flip flop in the stomach feeling that makes you laugh.

Birth stories change a little as the days, months and years pass.

One thinks less of the pain and the challenge of natural birth and more of the result of that hard work.

Like photographs, the clarity of the memory begins to soften around th edges, getting more dreamlike; surreal. The lighting may seem brighter to you long after, perhaps even the actual events that took place later in the day.

Our birth story becomes a part of our everyday lives.

It becomes a part of our framework, and of our child’s. For it was the day we first knew the depth that love – that being in-love could reach.
For ever since, the life of a woman is a mother.

There was absolutely no comparison to the comfort and peace of giving birth at home as opposed to the hospital.  During the whole birth I never even thought “Oh my goodness, I am giving birth at home!” It felt totally natural.  I wouldn’t consider doing it any differently in the future.

Thank you…

From the bottom of my heart to you, mothers, who have so graciously granted me the permission to share your beautiful stories with the public on this site. You are teachers here. Sisters and Mothers of mothers.

Take in these beautiful home birth stories and read about the many choices of how to birth at home – in different positions, in the water, or on a bed. There are assorted tales of unassisted births, breech births and water births. Enjoy!