Planning a home birth is very exciting.

BirthRoomOh the joys of home birth preparation!

There is a lot to do – reading, creating birth art, writing a birth plan, interviewing midwives, shopping for supplies and thoughtfully deciding who you would like to be present during and after your birth.

I gave birth to my first child, daughter Ella Rose, at home in February of 2009.

Ever since, educating and empowering women about the choice to birth at home has grown into an incredible and rewarding passion.

I created Bring Birth Home to help women discover and learn about home birth.

Since the birth of the site, the information supplied here has helped countless women feel more supported and comfortable with their decision to birth at home.

On June 30th, 2011, we welcomed our second beautiful home birth baby, Lucan.

You hold in your hands the power to make your birth experience what you want it to be. So ask yourself…how do you want your birth to look and smell? What foods should you stock in your fridge? What music might you want to play?

Purchase The 9 Steps to Home Birth Prep Ebook and get started on your journey to planning a beautiful home birth.