Erica’s Empowering & Solo Home Birth

I had an active and easy pregnancy with little morning sickness or tiredness.

I was able to attend college full time while manage my household of six while pregnant, with the help of my dearest Jeffrey. Towards the end of the pregnancy I knew by his movements that Wailon was positioned head down and that my placenta was attached high and to the left.

I have discovered a way to hear the baby’s heartbeat by curling into a ball and quietly breathing. About a week and a half before Wailon’s birth he dropped down and engaged and I began experiencing pressure and pinching. I began taking Red Raspberry leaf by capsule. I feel this was one of the key factors in my strong effective labor. Four days before the birth my waters began leaking which I knew to be so by the lack of color or smell and a gurgling feeling followed by the sensation of wetness. I also began to have rather mild contractions at night that would rarely wake me but kept my husband up.

Two days before the birth we sent up my birthing space, which happened to be the dining room. Erica

My husband covered the carpet with plastic and pumped up the pool. We also put an old twin mattress next to the pool. The kids enjoyed the swimming pool and I tried not to yell too much about the splashing. This was my first real water birth, and I will never go back to dry land birthing again. I found that when I went into labor it significantly reduced the frequency, duration, and intensity of contractions.

The evening before the birth I would have strong but infrequent contractions that I could not sleep through, however I was able to get plenty of sleep. I slept downstairs in my birthing area. I found it soothing to have the pool right next to me in case I wanted it. The day of the birth dawned and I went for about four hours with nary a contraction. Mentally I was a little discouraged thinking the birth would be longer off then I had expected. Jeffrey and I enjoyed watching a movie together.

Around noon my contractions came back.

The contractions were infrequent at first but hard working and I could feel my body moving into position for birth. I began to be uncomfortable and longed for the water, but had to wait to drain the old water and refill. I anxiously watched the water rise. It was instant relief. Although I still had pain, it took the edge of and I could feel my body working which was a first in labor for me. This allowed me to pay better attention to what my body was telling me to do. I moved right into transition.

My tired husband had taken the little ones upstairs for a nap and I had the downstairs to myself. This instantly released a great deal of tension because when I am alone I have no one to perform for and could focus solely on the birth. The pain was getting more intense and I prayed for my heavenly Father to grant his lowly servant a quick and gentle birth. After my prayer I had the conviction to push, and did so with almighty gusto! It was very effective and the pushing felt strong and right. I knew that I would soon meet my babe.

I pushed with another contraction and felt the burn move down.

I checked myself and felt the top of my cervix. I pushed his head out on the next wave, and with less than half a push his body came whooshing out into the water and straight into my arms. I brought him up to my belly. He had such a short cord that he couldn’t quite reach my chest. I saw him begin to breathe and he began pinking up immediately. I checked his sex, thinking all along that this was a girl, and saw his tiny penis. I laughed aloud and began calling for my family. No one came! Wailon and I had a quiet few minutes together before I got my daughter to come down. She was surprised to see the baby; I don’t think she even knew I was laboring. Jeffrey finally came; poor, tired man had fallen asleep putting the little ones down. He was at my side for four of my unassisted births, but he had missed this one entirely.

“It was a lovely empowering solo birth and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” fb baby

I stayed in the water awhile but my tired shaking muscles ached for the bed. We checked the cord and it was white and noodle-like. Since the blood had already drained, I decided to cut the cord to nurse. Wailon nursed while I drank about three glasses of ice water. I was famished and my love brought me strawberries, cheesecake, and a big glass of Chardonnay. I also took some Saint John’s Wart tincture. Our family had a little party and enjoyed getting to know our newest, fanciest member; Wailon James Henderson.

I did not deliver the placenta until about ten hours later. In my sleep a funny little old man began telling me to get up and go to the toilet and deliver the placenta. I woke up and thought the man had a good idea. I pushed out the placenta. What a relief. I felt ten pounds lighter. We used our Wii to figure out his weight. Six pounds, three ounces.

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