Kaitlin Rose + Eric | Bring Birth Home Mom and Dad

Kaitlin Rose + Eric | Bring Birth Home Mom & Dad

When I wrote this Home Birth story in a Word document, it was nearly 4,000 words long.

As a result, I decided to record an audio of my home birth story instead.

You’ll hear a home birth story as told by a Dad. The home birth (audio) story is 25 minutes long.

So mom’s, grab your significant others to listen. Instead of retelling the actual labor, I talk more about my perspective leading up to home birth, and just a little bit about labor and after the birth.

To listen to the recording, press play and relax.

You’ll find there are a couple silent spots. There is nothing wrong with your player. I was walking outdoors, up a steep hill, and had to grab a breath.

So without any further delay, press play and listen to my home birth story.

Hi, I’m Eric Walker. Kaitlin Rose is my fiance. She created Bring Birth Home. I’m so excited to see what has transpired with Bring Birth Home simply as a result of our choice to home birth. I’ll be a regular contributor at the blog in the months to come.

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